16 Easy Tips On How To Lose Weight Naturally And Smartly

Your search for ′how to lose weight′ has landed you up here for a reason. Here is where you will get to know the realities of why you have not been able to accomplish your ′how to lose weight′!

The first thing that shatters even the highest levels of motivation (and motivation is what you need the most in the 'how to lose weight mission'!) is monotony and clearly, you have to fight your way through it.

In contradiction to what most crash diets and high-intensity workout promoters tell you about weight loss, the truth remains that it is a rough terrain to take. So here is an article curated just for you which gives you smart tips to lose weight naturally.

1. Get A Weight Loss Buddy

Teamwork always helps and it surely does when you are wondering ′how to lose weight′. Befriend a weight loss aspirant and tread the journey together.

You will be surprised to find how you reach the finishing point before you even realize it – motivating each other along the way.

2. Keep Reminding Your Weight Loss Goal To Yourself

There is a reason why reminders and affirmations exist. It is to reinforce the criticality of the task at hand and ensuring that you complete it within the timeline.

Keep telling yourself repeatedly ′I can do this′ or ′I want to fit into my little black dress′! Try it.. it really works.

3. Have Plenty of Water After Breakfast

There are many times when you feel hungry but in reality, your body is asking for water. So avoid binge eating the moment you feel hungry.

Try to satiate the craving with plenty of water. This will keep you hydrated along with solving the problem of water retention and bloating.

4. Count Your Bites

This one is a bit tough to track but works like magic. Keep a track of the total number of bites consumed by you in each of your meals.

Now once you have the count of an average number of bites you take in each meal, try reducing it by 3 bites per meal per day.

This way, you are gradually decreasing the number of calories each day… that too without much heartbreak!

5. Reduce Your Screen Time By One Hour

Watching television, laptop or phone while eating counts under mindless eating and this is when you end up binge eating the most.

Reducing your screen time while eating will help you consume fewer calories and thus lose weight. Instead, go for a 15-minute walk.

Doing this will do a world of good to your ′how to lose weight′ mission.

6. Take Up A Strenuous Household Chore Twice A Week

Take up a strenuous household chore like cleaning the windows or scrubbing the floor, at least twice a week. This will help you move your muscles enough to lose a few calories.

Moreover, it looks at the sparkling floor or those perfectly scrubbed window panes will give you a strong sense of satisfaction and achievement.

7. Sniff Food When Hungry

There are ways by which you can actually satiate your hunger and one of them is by sniffing food. Sniffing actually brings the flavors of the food close to your body and mind and make you feel as if you are actually eating it.

So give your mind and soul the pleasure of your favorite dishes without actually eating them and thus cutting back on a considerable amount of calories!

8. Surround Yourself With The Color Blue

Blue color acts as a hunger suppressant and exactly the reason why surrounding yourself with color blue would help you reduce your calorie consumption.

Eat in a blue plate, dress in a blue outfit while you eat and try using a blue tablecloth for your dining table. Though it sounds a super easy way to cut back on calories, it should do the trick!

9. See Yourself While Eating

Looking at yourself while eating will keep reminding you of your goals and end you up eating lesser than you would otherwise.

It will also remind you of why you are trying to lose weight and help you keep away that plate much before you overstuff yourself.

10. Spend 15 Minutes Up And Down The Stairs

There is a reason why health experts ask you shun the lift and take the stairs.

Climbing stairs are one of the most effective cardio exercises that exist. 15 minutes of doing up and down the stairs is all it takes to shed a few pounds a month.

11. Walk 5 Minutes in Every 2 Hours

If you have a job that demands long sitting hours, take a 5-minute walk break every two hours of sitting.

By doing this, you will have walked for at least 30 minutes by the end of the day and that too, without many extra efforts. Also, breaking for walks will prevent you from binging on snacks laden with calories.

12. Say No To Packed Food

Packed food like ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings and other ready to eat meals, are often laced with sugars, preservatives and thus, calories.

Also, this is quite an easy way to cut back on calories as shunning packed foods does not hurt too much.

13. Have Regular Coffee Instead of Fancy Creamy Ones

A quick grab of coffee from a fancy coffee shop before you head to work may seem like a great idea to many, the spoiler here is those fancy creamy coffees are full of sugar and other fattening agents causing you much more harm than good.

So swap the fancy cappuccino with regular simple coffee and you will see the difference for yourself!

14. Eat At A Low Speed

Science says that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal that the stomach is full.

So eating slowly will give adequate time to your brain to process the signal that you have eaten enough. Naturally, eating fast defeats the purpose, so go slow.

15. Pack The Food And Close The Kitchen After Dinner

Packing the food and closing the kitchen after you are done with dinner saves you from binge eating when the hunger pangs strike at midnight.

In fact, unfortunately, your sweet tooth starts to ring the bell as the night progresses and we all know what happens when we indulge in sweetness! So lock those cupboards and even the kitchen doors right after you are done with dinner.

16. Take a Walk Before Dinner

Taking a walk before you hit the dinner table suppresses your hunger pangs and gives you a feeling of satiation while raising your metabolism rate.

So it actually is a great idea to quick walk before you sit down for dinner.

So these were the 16 super easy tricks to your query of ′how to lose weight′. These are actually a few minor changes in your lifestyle that will go a long way in getting you a body you always desired to attain.


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