Top Spring Diet Foods for Weight Loss

Try these delicious spring foods that will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight quickly.

Diet Food: Sauerkraut

Turn your spring cabbage into a super diet food by making it into sauerkraut. "Sauerkraut helps to reestablish healthy populations of bacteria in the gut," says Stella Metsovas, clinical nutritionist and owner of W8less Nutrition. New research suggests that those who are overweight and struggle to lose weight may have unhealthy populations of bacteria in their gut, so adding as many pro-bacteria foods (like sauerkraut) to your diet is essential to long-term weight loss, she adds.

Diet Food: Sea Bass

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, it′s important to include a good amount of protein in your diet, says Margaux J. Rathbun, founder of Authentic Self Wellness. If you are a fan of fish, try eating sea bass. It′s an excellent source of protein, iron, and other minerals.

Diet Food: Grapefruit

"Studies show that the chemical properties in grapefruit can reduce insulin levels, which promote weight loss and boosts metabolism, plus it′s an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber," says Rathbun.

Diet Food: Nettles

Nettles offer a lot of nutrition for very little calories, says Los Angeles based Registered Dietitian Lauren O′Connor. "Rich in potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B, C and iron, nettles offer appetite-suppressing qualities as they release neurotransmitters serotonin and acetylcholine. They also possess diuretic properties alleviating water weight, releasing toxins and purifying the blood," says O′Connor. Not sure how to eat them? Substitute nettles in recipes that call for spinach (in dips, soups or spinach pie).

Diet Food: Apricots

Apricots come into season toward the end of spring in the warmer areas where they grow and offer 60 percent of your daily-recommended dose of vitamin A, says Registered Dietitian Christen Cooper. They are also a good source of fiber, making them a sweet but satisfying snack.

Diet Food: Cherries

Cherries make a great low-calorie snack for dieters, Rathbun says. Loaded with nutrients that help promote detoxification and powerful antioxidants that help boost immunity, cherries can help fight off damaging free radicals. Free radicals can slow us down and can make weight-loss programs challenging, Rathburn says.

Diet Food: Mint

Arriving in early spring, mint makes a super, nearly calorie-free replacement for sugar or flavored syrup in drinks, says Cooper. Add it to tea, lemonade and other drinks for a no-cal kick, Cooper recommends. Another added bonus? It may help curb your appetite. One study by Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found that just smelling mint on a regular basis helped subjects eat 2800 calories less per week than those who weren′t exposed to the scent. So buy a mint plant and whiff away!

Diet Food: Radishes

With a mere 19 calories per cup, radishes are a stellar diet food, Cooper says. Rich in potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, radishes′ high water and fiber content help fill you up. Slice them into a salad, grill them or add them into dishes with other veggies like corn and cucumbers.

Diet Food: Lamb

"Lamb is a clean-burning protein, full of nutrients like B12, which are critical if you′d like to maintain your weight once you′ve reached your weight loss goal," says Stella Metsovas, clinical nutritionist and owner of W8less Nutrition.

Diet Food: Rye

"Rye contains a component of fiber that absorbs water effectively, providing you with a feeling of fullness longer than other fibers," Metsovas says.

Diet Food: Clams

Clams contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. Omega-3s support healthy metabolism and prevent inflammation (a contributor to insulin malfunction in conditions such as insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome), says Sarah Reilly, a certified holistic nutritionist. And zinc helps keep blood glucose levels normal, which is critical with weight management.

Diet Food: Cherry Tomatoes

These low-calorie, water-rich, bite-sized tomatoes are great in salads, recipes or anytime you need a snack. Or, cut these candy-like veggies in half and add them to your next pasta dish, Cooper recommends. Adding ‘high volume′, lower-calorie and nutrient-rich foods like cherry tomatoes means you can still enjoy foods like pasta without sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Diet Food: Rhubarb

Often the first fruit of spring, rhubarb is high in nutrition and low in calories. Rhubarb is a low-glycemic fruit, high in vitamin C, fiber and potassium. "A good source of fiber (which aids in blood-sugar regulation and ultimately helps in managing hunger by preventing peaks and valleys in glucose levels), rhubarb may also speed up metabolism and aid weight loss

Diet Food: Basil

"Basil is the perfect seasoning herb to make your foods taste fabulous—especially when you′re trying to keep your diet clean. I especially like adding basil on top a fresh fruit salad," Metsovas says.

Diet Food: Blueberries

Not only are they full of vitamins and antioxidants like leutin and vitamin K, but blueberries may also help reduce belly fat! "Recent studies suggest that blueberries play a role in reducing waist size and risk factors associated with those extra pounds known as metabolic syndrome," says Connie Guttersen, R.D., author of The New Sonoma Diet. Eat them by the handful alone, or sprinkle them into your favorite yogurt or cereal.

Diet Food: Onions

Sweeter in spring, onions contain chromium, which some studies show may help reduce body fat and improve cholesterol levels. Onions also "contain oils and minerals that help break down fat deposits and speed up your metabolism," Reilly says. "They have thermogenic activity, which helps create heat in your body, which in turns helps burn calories."

Diet Food: Mussels

"Mussels are low in saturated fat and high in good-quality protein making them the perfect food for people watching their weight," says Rathbun. Mussels are good sources of zinc and magnesium, both of which have been shown to help speed up weight loss. Just skip the butter and oil and grill them instead.

Diet Food: Cucumbers

In season late spring, cucumbers are the perfect diet food. Low in calorie and full of water, they contain sulfur and silicon, which can act as natural diuretics. They are also extremely versatile, Cooper says. Try them in sandwiches, in salads or filled with light tuna salad. "Cucumbers are good for making into homemade pickles, which are also healthy, low cal and add zing to meals," Cooper says.

Diet Food: Millet

Although growing season varies, some types of millet are harvested in late spring. "Millet is a grain that contains optimal amounts of magnesium—a mineral deficient in most women′s diets," Metsovas says. "Magnesium is essential to almost every physiological reaction in the body—it′s one of the most overlooked nutrients in our diets," says Metsovas. And emerging research shows a connection between healthy magnesium levels and preventing metabolic syndrome.

Diet Food: Asparagus

"Asparagus are a good low-calorie source of folate and vitamin A," says Jackie Keller, nutritionist and founder of NutriFit. At less than four calories per spear, you can eat a lot of this nutritious spring vegetable. Just skip the heavy, high fat sauces or butter and add it into stir-fry, pasta or grill it as a side dish for a more filling meal.

Diet Food: Sugar Snap Peas

Heart healthy, high in fiber, low in calories and good for your immune system, spring sugar snap peas make a great on-the-go snack, says nutritionist Rania Batayneh, owner of Essential Nutrition For You. Eat them alone, or toss them into salads or stir-fry for a more sustaining meal.

Diet Food: Rabbit

Rabbit meat contains high protein equivalents to other meats, and is very low in calories. "I know it might sound cruel to many, but rabbit is easily digestible and should be considered if you′d like to experiment with something other than chicken," Metsovas says.

Diet Food: Carrots

Spring carrots offer a lot of sweet juicy flavor, without a lot of calories. And sweet root vegetables like carrots can help curb sugar cravings, says Marissa Vicario, a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor in New York.

Diet Food: Ramps

Ramps (also known as "wild leeks") are pungent, scallion-like onions that are only available for a few weeks during the spring. A fabulous way to add lots of flavor for only about 50 calories per cup, ramps taste great in everything from soups to frittatas. If you enjoy them, buy them locally and freeze to make them last longer.

Diet Food: Fava Beans

A Mediterranean favorite available from early spring through summer, fava beans are low fat and filling, and may also help slim your waist, says Timothy Harlan, M.D., Medical Director of Tulane University and creator of DrGourmet.com. A cup of fava beans is around 185 calories and are packed with nutrients and fiber. High fiber foods like fava beans can help control hunger, diabetes and may even reduce your risk of heart disease, says Harlan. Add some protein and fiber to dinner with this

Diet Food: Okra

The fiber found in okra acts as a "fuel" for the good bacteria in your gut that are associated with good fat metabolism, Reilly says. These fibers also help transport fat-soluble toxins and fat out of the body, and can help maintain blood sugar regulation—which is critical for weight loss. Just be sure to bake, not fry, to keep your okra diet friendly.

Diet Food: Morel Mushrooms

Morels (and select wild mushrooms) are a nutrient rich, low-calorie food that provides high-volume and low-energy density deliciously, says Jackie Newgent, Registered Dietitian, culinary nutritionist and author of Big Green Cookbook. Newgent recommends reducing your daily calorie intake (without deprivation) by replacing high-energy dense foods (like ground beef) with low-energy dense foods (like mushrooms). Another fungus bonus? Mushrooms are the only natural food source of vitamin D in the produce aisle (vitamin D not only helps to build and maintain healthy bones, but it has also been shown to speed up weight loss), and one cup of morel mushrooms provides 136 IU vitamin D, Newgent says.

Diet Food: Beets

"Beets are one of the super foods of the Mediterranean diet," Metsovas says. "One cup of beets contains over 30 percent of the recommended daily intake of folate, a B vitamin lacking in most diets. B vitamins provide energy to the body, which is especially important if you′re keeping on track with your workout regiment," says Metsovas.

Diet Food: Sprouts

"Sprouts are considered a living, raw food full of antioxidants and vitamins like A, B, C, D, E and K," Metsovas says. "And the more nutrient-rich foods you consume, the less cravings you′ll have throughout the day".

Diet Food: Dandelion Greens

A natural diuretic, dandelion greens are especially tender when young (in the early spring). Good sources of antioxidants and bioflavonoids (plant chemicals that help protect against disease), and low in calories, dandelion greens can be eaten raw or in soups," Keller says. Sautee them with some olive oil and salt and pepper for an easy side dish.

Diet Food: Scallops

Scallops contain high amounts of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that has been shown to regulate your appetite. They are also high in B12-a nutrient critical for overall energy," Metsovas says.

Diet Food: Broccoli

This vegetable is rich in vitamin B complex, which is important for the release of energy from carbohydrates, and magnesium, which aids with sugar cravings, Gilbert says. Plus, it′s a good source of Coenzyme Q10, which increases your metabolism'. Dress it up with some pine nuts and garlic.

Diet Food: Artichokes

"Artichokes are another spring vegetable that can really help you trim down," Keller says. "Served either hot or cold, artichokes are very low in calories. A large artichoke provides 15 percent of the daily requirements of folate and vitamin C, 300mg of potassium and about 2g of fiber. And since they take so long to eat, artichokes also help stretch a meal out, which is also helpful for weight loss. The key, of course, is to dip the leaves in a simple lemon juice based vinaigrette – not butter or mayonnaise," says Keller.

Diet Food: Strawberries

In season during late spring and early summer, strawberries make a great naturally sweet, low-calorie snack. 1 cup of sliced strawberries is about 50 calories. And their high vitamin C level (105 mg per cup) may help you burn fat. According to a study done by researchers at Arizona State University′s Polytechnic campus in Mesa, exercisers with low blood concentrations of vitamin C burned 25 percent less fat during a treadmill test. "Select strawberries that are a deep red color, with a shiny surface and bright green tops," Guttersen recommends. "If you are trying to eat locally and don′t live in an area of the country where strawberries grow year-round, try freezing them or buy frozen berries so you can enjoy them every month."

Diet Food: Valencia Oranges

Oranges contain a good dose of vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and decreases risks associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke. And their anti-inflammatory benefits may even decrease high blood pressure, Guttersen says. Oranges′ naturally sweet flavor, fiber and low-calorie content helped to make them one of the twelve Sonoma Diet power foods.


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