The Benefits of Yoga

Weight loss, a strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health - whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer. However, very often, yoga is only partially understood as being limited to asanas (yoga poses).

Yoga Tips for naturally glowing skin

Admiring those glowing faces in beauty cream advertisements, we often wonder if we too could have a skin so young and beautiful. Well, it′s not a far-fetched dream anymore! Now you too can flaunt healthy, radiant skin that draws attention.

What′s The Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?

In the simplest terms, the best time to do yoga is the time that works best for you. Since the key to accessing all of yoga′s many benefits is a consistent practice over time (and hopefully long into the future), you need to find the routine that fits your lifestyle and works with your schedule.

7 Stress-Relief Tips Meditation Experts Swear Actually Work

While fitting an hour-long meditation session into your schedule might seem impossible, taking time out for yourself—even for mere minutes—to get in touch with your emotions is huge for your physical health and well-being.

Lose weight with yoga

Often, we blame our genes for us being on the wrong side of the weighing scale, don′t we? But give it a second thought and you will see that a lot is in our hands. This article gives you an insight to weight loss with yoga and is for those who would like to see a new self the next time they look hopefully into the mirror.

Yoga for eyes: improve eyesight naturally

Many of the yogic poses/asana and exercises are aimed at improving the functioning of specific organs of the body. Yoga provides a series of eye exercises that improves the functioning of the eyes and helps to overcome various eye-related problems, such as

Yoga for back pain

Does your back pain due to sitting or standing for long hours? Do this simple yoga exercise anytime, anywhere and be free from back pain in just five minutes with All Direction Back Stretch!

Yoga Mudra at your fingertips!

There is much more to yoga than meets the eye. While the practice of yoga means asanas and breathing practices to many, there is a lesser known, more subtle and independent branch of yoga: Yog Tatva Mudra Vigyan or the science of yoga mudras.


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